A Pergola for the Wisteria

The genesis for the restoration of our farmhouse that we just recently completed can absolutely be tracked back to one particular moment when the following thought crossed my mind  … “Boy, wouldn’t it be great if that old wisteria vine had something to grow on?”

Somehow, the next thing we knew we we were restoring the entire exterior of the house and, among other things, adding pergolas to both the north and south sides.   Gotta love how renovations take on a life of their own!

And now, the beautiful but neglected 50-year old wisteria that had been tangled up in a nearby bush has a lovely structure to grow on.

To show us it’s appreciation (the very least it could do, for heaven’s sakes!), it has been sending down cascades of spectacular blooms for the past 2 weeks.

There is nothing quite like sitting underneath a canopy of wisteria blooms. A friend commented that it was like dining in a cafe in Italy.  Indeed.

This week, sadly, the blooms are beginning to fade and the petals are lying like a purple blanket over the porch.  I think I’ll let them be for a while before sweeping them up … even the mess is pretty.

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