The Winning “Lesson”: The Music & the Piano

We could not have imagined how many great responses we would get from our “Lessons from Mom” giveaway.  Your posts are incredible and, in fact, I’ve tacked many of them around my kitchen as little reminders of what it is to be a great Mom — not to mention a gracious host and a good friend!   Thank you so much for sharing them.

And now for the winner …  From the many wonderful “Lessons” submitted, we selected one that, if a child took away only one thing from the million lessons a Mom has to offer, this one would be a lifetime winner:

“My mom taught me that the music is not in the piano.”

In a single sentence, this “Lesson” teaches that all the great things we might want to achieve in life  – happiness, career success, personal goals, financial achievements, creativity  – are within us.  We all have what it takes to achieve them.  It’s simply up to us to unleash it.  What a perfect Mother’s mantra!

The winner’s post also included the following, which was equally telling …

“Always wear lipstick — you look like death without it.”

Relationships with our Moms are complicated, aren’t they?  We can count on them to be bluntly honest, clue us in to realities we might not see and, of course, saddle us with insecurities we didn’t even know we had! Gotta love those Moms and all they teach us.

Two sets of Wooster & Prince Monogram Stationery will be sent to the Winner … one for her and one for her Mom for Mother’s Day.  We hope you enjoy them and thanks to everyone for participating.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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