“Lessons From Mom” Giveaway!

This sweet photograph of my son and I was taken by Sydnie Michele, a most talented photographer in New York City.  It reminds me every day of what parenting is really about:  that our job is simply to give a bit of gentle support and impart some practical wisdom to these little people to help guide their way. With Mother’s Day just around the corner (Sunday, May 9), we thought it would be perfect to celebrate it by taking a moment to think about and share those lessons — big or small — that our Mothers taught us.

Whether it be the way she modeled good behavior and polite manners, or the way she taught you to make a bed properly (with military-style corners, in my Mom’s case!) … or never to wear white shoes before Easter … let’s face it, we know what we know in large part because of Mom!

Share with us your most important Lesson From Mom by submitting a comment below, and on Tuesday, May 4th we’ll select a winner from all the comments submitted. The person submitting the winning Lesson will receive two sets of Wooster & Prince Monogram Stationery … one for you and one for your Mom!

The Monogram Stationery sets include one boxed set of 8 notecards and 8 envelopes and a coordinating matchpad-style Notepad.  You chose the monogram letter you’d like to receive for each of the two sets.

The photograph above of my son (7 months old at the time) and I was taken by Sydnie Michele. Sydnie and her partner, Stephen Salmieri came to our Soho loft and spent an entire day photographing the most precious little moments I shared with him.  Sydnie and Stephen also shot the same “day of photographs” for my first son as well and today I have an entire wall of these images.  They are absolutely priceless to me.  To see more of Sydnie and Stephen’s work, please do visit BabyFineArtPhoto.com.

Submit your most important Lesson from Mom by leaving a comment below.  Feel free to submit more than one.   A winning Lesson will be chosen on May 4th.

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23 Responses to ““Lessons From Mom” Giveaway!”

  1. Mrs. Honkus says:

    One lesson thats comes to mind, and irks me when people don’t do it anymore, is the art, or simple act of writing Thank you notes!!! Such a small thing but so important and means so much to get!!! The more you write them, the more comfortable you get with it. I have my Mother to thank for that!!!! Thank you Mom, sincerely your favorite daughter ( I love to say that just to make my other sisters mad) Caronee.

  2. Cate says:

    While I am certain that my bit of mom wisdom will not win me anything, it enabled me to become “me” before I became a mom: don’t get married until you’re 30!

  3. admin says:

    That Thank You note for the birthday present is in the mail …

  4. admin says:

    And a follow-up to that lesson might be how old to be (or how long to wait) before having children. Anyone?

  5. Cathia says:

    “Always wear lipstick — you look like death without it.” My mom also taught me that the music is not in the piano.

  6. Audra says:

    Persistence Pays . . . sometimes in real money but always in self-worth. My Mom turns 70 in September, just had her 50th Wedding Anniversary and will graduate from College (for the first time) on May 6, 2010. Having longed to have a college degree while she and my Dad put 4 children through college, she started her studies about 15 years ago – usually one course, one semester at time. The self worth and sense of accomplishment I see in her gives me faith that no dream is too small and no effort is insignificant. Just one of the many life lessons my mom has blessed me with.

  7. Katherine says:

    Here are a few off the top of my head (in addition to “at the end of the day she was ALWAYS RIGHT!”).

    LESS IS MORE (her motto on makeup, fussy clothes, home decor)

    KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS (on any school issue/friend drama)

    PEOPLE WILL DO WHAT THEY WANT TO DO (on why my friend who moved away would’t ever stay in touch)

    and so many more – not sure if you are looking for a saying or a story……..hate that she was so wise and I didn’t see it (or didn’t want to). Now my 13-year old is treating me the same way (like I don’t know anything and my ideas are the dumbest possible :)

  8. Joan V. says:

    My mom taught me that life is more about the experiences than the stuff. She never let us forget the golden rule, “Treat others the way that you would like to be treated.” And, always write a thank you note!
    .-= Joan V.´s last blog ..Vancouver Island Regatta. =-.

  9. BethAnne says:

    My mother taught me to never give up on life, Carolina basketball is near religion, & to always use cloth napkins for guests.
    .-= BethAnne´s last blog ..I don’t drown in the pool. =-.

  10. sarah says:

    My mom has taught me so many lessons, the most important for me right now is to make yourself happy, and your happiness, will make those around you happy.
    I LOVE my mom!

  11. Kristin says:

    My most important lesson from my Mom was to always address my friends’ parents as Mr/Mrs. (Last name) – never call them by their first name.

  12. Carla B says:

    My mom taught me to always be faithful to friends and family. And recently she taught me to NEVER take life for granted and that everyday is SPECIAL and unique.

  13. Jana says:

    My mom taught me the importance of a good novel, to always eat dessert (especially chocolate), and that arts and crafts are every bit as important as math and science.

  14. GREG BAILEY says:


  15. carrie says:

    my mom, a teacher, once told me, “it is not about what you have to offer, but rather, what the student can receive.”

  16. Elizabeth Oberlin says:

    So many things I learned from my mother . . . that I can lift/move absolutely anything by myself; that it is not appropriate to wear white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day; that “no one will notice” my (fill in the blank with things like “cold sore” or “giant zit”) because I am “so beautiful;” that I should always stand up for the people I love and the beliefs I hold dear; and, that divorce is far worse than death.

  17. Annie says:

    The best piece of advice from my mum was that you have to let everyone have their own experiences, and you can’t make it happen for them! You can just be there, not judge, and be encouraging but don’t baby anyone, because spoiling people only makes them spoiled! Also, my Grandma, who I think counts as a “mom” gave me some great advice the other day. I was cooking in her kitchen, following a recipe from a James Beard bread cookbook, and the recipe said to use half a tablespoon of caraway seeds. My grandma looks over my shoulder.

    Grandma: Put in a whole tablespoon of caraway.
    Me: The recipe only says a half a tablespooon.
    Grandma: Don’t believe everything you read.

    Priceless. Both of them. Thank God for both of those strong, funny, tough and loving women!!

  18. Mom says:

    Congratulations to you, Amy! What a great idea…and the responses you rec’d were all great. I enjoyed reading all of them. When I read this before Mothers Day, my mind wandered about what my Mom ( your Grandmother) had taught me and they were too numerous to narrow down. I wanted to reverse the question and ask “What have your children taught you, as a Mom?” My answer to my children, (you, Karen and Doug) You have taught me that no matter what advise you are given, you’ll always do what your heart tells you. You learn from your mistakes and you prosper from what you learn from within.
    You are a blessing to me.
    I love you,

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  22. Amy Ormond says:

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