Azaleas Abloom

Aaahh…. it’s official!   Springtime has arrived when the azaleas bloom!

Despite being a New York transplant for many years now, deep down I am southerner and my biological clock that measures the seasons doesn’t kick in until the hill behind my home literally glows from the showy azaleas planted there.  Hot pink. Red. Coral. White. Soft pink.  All gorgeous.

I must admit though that I did not plant any of the azaleas around my home.  All of these beauties were installed by a previous owner of our home who lived there for 25+ years.  She couldn’t possibly have known that after she retired (to some place warmer, I’m sure) that a southerner would live here and would thank her every day for planting so many different varieties for us to enjoy.

Gorgeous. Rich. Showy. Lovely.  Hello Springtime!

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