Buttery yellow & pink

table setting

For a small get-together recently, I pulled out a favorite set of antique table linens that have aged to an elegant buttery hue over the years. I love their worn edges and the subtlety of the color that hasn’t so much diminished with washings as it has “developed” over time. To me, they are more beautiful now than they must have been when they were first dyed.

astramariaHow to compliment such a lovely shade for a table setting?  I decided an equally mature and sophisticated color of salmony pink was in order … the shade you find in beautifully delicate Astramaris flowers. Starting with this simple color palette, I set out to design the rest of the table.

I often find that large bouquets of flowers sitting in the middle of a table get in the way of good conversation and are moved out of the way for serving anyway.  So I prefer to create little arrangements that can be placed around the table and later given as gifts to my guests when the party is over.  I call them my Mini Bouquets and they are quite fun and easy to make.

table setting2To stay within my color palette, I chose a pattern from my line of Art Paper called “Hummock Pond”, named after a beautiful area in Nantucket where I often go for long runs in the summer.  The pattern is intricate and ornate and, for me, conjures up an image of estate jewelry.  With that as inspiration, I thought it perfect to place a small Mother of Pearl faux jewel on each bouquet which catch little glimmers of light from the candles on the table.

Just lovely.

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For details on how I created the Mini Bouquet Holders, visit the Share section.

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