Decorative Chopstick Sleeves ~ Downloadable Template

I love sushi. And I love to cook. But actually preparing sushi at home is way too intimidating for me.  The artistically beautiful meals that come from my favorite sushi restaurants simply can’t be improved upon.  So when it comes to sashimi, I prefer to stick with take-out menus … and focus instead on creating the little extras that can make a delivered meal something elegant and special.

For a recent take-out sushi meal with friends, we created the most beautiful hand-made paper sleeves to hold the chopsticks.  Taking a cue from the detail-oriented gift packaging the Japanese are known for, we wrapped each set of chopsticks in paper from the Wooster & Prince line of Art Paper. We then embellished each sleeve with satin ribbons and a few sparkly beads to create an elegant table-setting.

To create them for yourself, all you need is pretty patterned paper (we paired up Wooster & Prince’s “In Town” and “Modern Velvet” patterns), some double-sided tape, and a few simple folds to make a set of these unique sleeves. Download our template to get started.

Sushi is truly a beautiful meal, shouldn’t the utensils be beautiful too?

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3 Responses to “Decorative Chopstick Sleeves ~ Downloadable Template”

  1. Kym says:

    thank you for this! i’m excited to customize my own chopstick sleeves for my customers ;D

  2. [...] I searched again.  Lo and behold, someone had posted a template.  I used this one that I found at Amy Ormond.  The template did not print out to the size it said on the pdf (it printed out at 6 inches long [...]

  3. [...] Print out a template for a chopstick sleeve.  You can pretty much find a template online to use as a starting point for any project.  Google is your friend (I often find that “Images” will yield better results than a regular search when I’m looking for craft project templates).  When I first thought up this project, I ran a search for “chopstick sleeve template” and found nothing.  Nada.  When I finally got around to doing this project, I searched again.  Lo and behold, someone had posted a template.  I used this one that I found at Amy Ormond. [...]

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