Apothecary Jars

This weekend, I finally had an opportunity to visit, Rezidenzia, a beautiful new jewelbox-sized home decor shop in Dobbs Ferry, New York.

Amongst the antiques and contemporary art and accessories that have been amassed there, I was struck by the gorgeous glass urns that the proprietress had artfully filled with plants and placed in the front window to catch me eye.

Aaah! ¬†Suddenly I realized I was looking at the solution for the apothecary jars I purchased last year that, frankly, were disappointing when I got them home. ¬†Although I find their form to be graceful, they don’t serve much of a purpose for function or for color when left unfilled.

With a quick trip to Sprainbrook Nursery, one of my favorite haunts for plants and gardening supplies, I purchased some orchid bark for the bottom of the jars along with a mix of ferns and trailing annuals small enough to fit into the small openings.

The result is a beautiful duo that gives a nice high focal point to an entry table that combines the smooth, light-reflecting surface of glass with the rougher texture of the organic material inside.

So far, I’m finding that misting the plants is the best way to keep the soil moist without over-wetting the orchid bark below. I would love any suggestions or tips on how to keep these plants watered and healthy.

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