New Life for Old Lamps

I confess to a certain lighting obsession … the type that includes hoarding lamps and chandeliers and sconces for purposes that aren’t always clear at the time of purchase.  Case in point:  For years, I’ve held onto a set of marble-based beauties that I’ve moved from apartment to house … from living room to bedroom … but that have never quite secured a permanent spot anywhere.

Though the bases, sculpted in Italian marble, are lovely, the white barrel-shaped shade has always been pretty bland, never really enhancing any room’s decor.   So, in the studio this week, we decided that perhaps a colorful facelift was what was in order to add new life to this pretty old lamp.

Because a lamp this size sitting on a table exposes as much of the interior of the shade as the exterior, we set to work covering both sides with coordinating patterns from the Wooster & Prince line of Art Paper.  To give it a nice, tailored finish, we edged the shade in a chocolate satin ribbon on top and bottom.  For a little more visual interest, we attached a new pull cord made from a cream-colored string that we then wrapped around a lovely, blue glass bauble we found in a hobby store to add just a bit more color.

We choose Wooster & Prince’s new “Double Happiness” paper for the exterior and “Quidnet Lattice” for the interior.

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