NEW Designs for Keds Collective

I am so pleased to unveil my first designs for the newly launched Keds Designer Collective.  Using the freshest, newest patterns from Wooster & Prince’s best selling collections, I created a line of Keds that, to me, perfectly blends vintage surface design with this classic American icon.

We had such a great time interpreting which patterns from our studio would best give a wink towards the long history of Keds, the first of which were introduced in 1916. Our most nostalgic, old-world patterns just seemed to harmonize with these great sneaker styles. In fact, we had a tough time choosing between tapestries, chinoiseries, damasks … so many of them looked so darling.

I couldn’t wait to get my first samples. When they arrived to my door this week, I was so excited to try them on.  Light as a feather, fresh as a daisy and totally comfy, these are the exact right springtime shoes to be wearing right now … for work, for gardening or for just kicking back on the hammock.  You can see them all on my site within the Keds Designer Collective.

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6 Responses to “NEW Designs for Keds Collective”

  1. Cate says:

    So cute. Your designs will definitely breathe new life into the Keds line. Your photos are wonderful. Looks like these new sneaks will lead to the good life. Will they?

  2. carrie says:

    Where can I get 2 pairs? So pretty, so you and so fabulous.

  3. admin says:

    Thank you so much! You can get them through the Keds Design Collective (, where there are lots of designs from lots of designers to choose from.

  4. admin says:

    Good life? Not sure about that but would be awfully nice to think so… Thanks Cate.

  5. Heather Junge says:

    Amy, They’re wonderful! I want a pair… no, two… no, maybe three…no,…

  6. admin says:

    So glad you like them! I felt the same way and now have more pairs than I can reasonably wear this summer.

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