Building An Outdoor Fireplace

As any homeowner knows, renovations are never ever “finished”. There’s always just one more thing to spruce up, re-vamp, or add as you work towards making your home complete.

This is certainly true of the restoration work we began last year. Though 90% of the work was complete before the real winter weather set in, one project we had to put on hold was the building of an outdoor fireplace. It was worth the wait, because we knew that when completed this new feature would transform the north side terrace into a real “living” living room.

And so, when a short span of nice weather arrived two weeks ago, the work finally began to create this missing piece in the renovation puzzle. Using stone found entirely from the hill behind our home, a talented crew of stone masons set upon the creation of a fireplace that fits seamlessly onto an existing stone wall, which was built more than 40 years ago. Dry stacking the carefully chosen stone, the masons worked through a corner positioning design. The goal was to maximize living space on the terrace. Placement of an old-style cap on the top of the fireplace served as the finishing touch to their beautiful work.

From steaks, to s’mores, to enjoying the view with a refreshing cocktail, our summer will be filled with lots of time spent enjoying this simple pleasure together.

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