Springtime Lanterns

Springtime in New York is a flighty season. The tease of a few beautiful days, sprinkled in with otherwise wintry ones, keeps us guessing whether spring has really arrived. When those precious few 60+ degree days come along, I try to take advantage of every second by moving our meals outside to soak up the sun. We were lucky to have such a day last week, and it provided the perfect opportunity to try out the beautiful Asian lanterns we created in the studio recently. With a few pretty, new pieces of Wooster & Prince paper, we crafted an elegant way to add color to a daytime luncheon on the patio, or a little sparkle to a nighttime dinner on
the terrace.

Ours is a modification of the lantern often seen hanging in Asian markets. We structured this one around a glass hurricane lamp, in order to shield the delicate paper from the flame of the candle inside. To increase the visual interest and celebratory feeling of the lantern, we made it double-sided. Using two different, yet coordinating papers for the inner and outer sides of the lantern allows the secondary pattern to peek subtly through the slats.

We may be waiting for the day when spring is here to stay, but in the mean time, this simple little project will sweeten any outdoor table. For a downloadable template, and instructions on how to make your own lantern, visit the Share section.

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