Green Tea Ice Cream ~ Downloadable Recipe Card & Cup How-To

Creating these little cups is quick and easy.  If your hobby store doesn’t carry paper ice cream cups, borrow a few from your local ice cream shop.  (They won’t mind!) Tear one apart to use as a template and place it flat onto your favorite decorative paper. Trace the outline with a pencil and cut out the form. Using spray mount glue, spray the backside of the paper. Do this outside and away from your cups.  While the paper is still tacky, place it around the cup exterior and fold any excess paper under the bottom.

I love eCreamery Green Tea Ice Cream but if you want a really snappy recipe for Green Tea Ice Cream – try the recipe below.

With the spring holidays and St. Patrick’s Day coming up – keep this fun and easy green tea recipe in mind for last minute entertaining:

download this recipe card: green_tea_ice_cream_recipe

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    Where can you find Matcha powder?

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