Chocolates & blues

chocolates & blues

I have a very dear friend who is a prolific “canner”.  Each Spring and Fall he makes jars and jars of jams, jellies and spreads from the blackberries, raspberries, and apples he picks at his Vermont weekend home. We are the lucky recipients of these gifts (thank you, Tom!) but truth be told, we can’t possible eat it all.  With his permission, I’ve been known to give them away as gifts from time to time.  I consider this “sanctioned re-gifting” and think it is perfectly okay to do … provided the initial giver is in on it.   And this year’s Apple Butter was so delicious, it truly would have been a shame not to share it.

Taking a color cue from the rich brown of the Apple Butter, I created a color palette for this gift with chocolates, blues, creams and a hint of sharp turquoise for just the right amount of contrast.  This classic palette nicely compliments the yummy apple butter, instantly turning a simple home-made gift into something elegant and special.

line breakThese jar lids are easy to make, and can be adapted to whatever size is needed for your project.  For more info on how I made them, visit the Share section.

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