His & Hers Monogrammed Chairs

Monogrammed Chair

The tradition of monogramming is centuries old, but it seems it was during the Victorian era that the concept of monogramming your belongings became a statement of personal opulence or an elegant display of a family’s crest. Until then, monogramming items was simply a way to identify your possessions, lest you mistake someone else’s dinner napkin for your own!

Monogrammed Chair 2

In keeping with the tradition of identifying “mine” vs. “yours”, I recently had some fun with a pair of his & her winged back chairs that I found at Belkind Bigi, one of my favorite antique shops in Tarrytown, New York.  As a little inside joke for my husband, whose last name is different than my own, I decided to inscribe each chair with the initial for both of our last names.  So, the tradition of displaying the family crest remains in-tact … just updated slightly for the modern family and wife.

Our new Monogrammed Stationery is an update on the traditional as well. We’ve taken a classic style of correspondence, and infused it with fresh colors and patterns to create our own interpretation of this tradition.

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