Garden Decor

If you’ve ever attended the New York International Gift Show, you know that it’s a mash-up of vendors selling all sorts of wares. For several years, Wooster & Prince was positioned directly across the aisle from Gardenstone, a purveyor of the most gorgeous garden containers and structures — much to my delight!  Bob Naymie, owner of Gardenstone in Vancouver, and I became great friends during these often long tradeshows and for years now I’ve been waiting for my opportunity to purchase Gardenstone containers for my new garden.

Just as your home decor speaks to your personal design sensibility, the garden “decor” you choose speaks of your ability to integrate man-made structures into nature.  I find that subtlety in color and form is always best when it comes to garden planters … after all, it’s the flowers, herbs and plantings in them that should steal the show!

Bob’s containers are exceptionally well-made and the museum-quality designs are utterly beautiful.  The Gardenstone line ranges from the incredibly detailed and ornate to the most simple and minimal.  It’s the latter styles that I am drawn to in the deep, rich bronze-tone that I believe is the signature Gardenstone color.  I’m placing my order today!

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