Garden Dreaming

As I watched the beginning of yet another snowfall this morning, I began to daydream of the moment when I will actually sink my hands into the earth and create the kitchen garden I’m longing for.

With lists of flowers, bulbs and herbs swirling around my mind, I decided today is the day to make the first draft of where these goodies will be planted. Being an entirely visual person, it all begins with a hand-drawn sketch (my “sloppy copy”, as my boys call it) that I then re-draw in Illustrator.  Just as with my design work, beginning with a sketch helps me organize my thoughts and gives me time to find a direction that feels right.  Moving the idea into Illustrator allows me to create a garden framework that I can re-arrange to my heart’s content.  So much easier than moving the plants themselves!

I have no doubts that this plan will be edited many times in the months leading up to the first planting as questions begin to arise.  (Should there be more flowers? Will I be able to reach and prune the perennials in the back? Will the thyme take over my garden?)  But it will serve nicely as an initial list to begin my hunt for the seeds, seedlings and plants that will make this dream come true.

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