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"Hither Creek" Letter Portfolio

If it’s true that “love is free”, when did Valentine’s Day become about expensive jewelry and designer chocolates?

For me, the day is simply about letting your partner know how you feel … and what better way than a love letter? A little note slipped under a pillow, into a briefcase, or taped to a mirror is the perfect reminder that there’s no one more important to you in the world.

When I designed the Wooster & Prince line of Letter Portfolios, I had Valentine’s Day on my mind. Being a hopeless romantic  (at least in terms of stationery), I believe there’s nothing more special or more timeless than a handwritten note. As I penned inside every portfolio cover:  ”the handwritten word on a beautiful sheet of paper is the purest art form — a soulful reminder of a moment in time, of a thought that needed expressing.”

deskTo add a little spark this Valentine’s Day, I’m pairing up beautiful stationery sheets from our Letter Portfolio line with classic poetry by Emily Dickinson, Robert Browning, Sappho, and Robert Herrick (who is very naughty).

Hardly staid, classical poetry is filled with romance, humor and sometimes very sultry suggestion that would make a courtesan blush.

To create your own poetic love letters, search online for the perfect one for your mate at Net Poets or Best Love Poems and handwrite it onto your favorite stationery.  Though handwriting the poem is certainly the most intimate, a beautiful script font is also a lovely way to present it.


"So Lucky" Letter Portfolio

For some added romance, hide multiple poems in places where your partner can discover them throughout the day … and read them together on Valentine’s Night.  Now, that’s what I call love … and it’s free.


Great poems that range from sweetly romantic to downright racy include:

“Now!” by Robert Browning

“Wild Nights!  Wild Nights!” by Emily Dickinson

“He Is More Than A Hero” by Sappho

“Last Gods” by Galway Kinnell

“The Vine” by Robert Herrick

“Between Your Sheets” by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

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