DIY : framing vintage wallpaper

We found these gorgeous pieces of vintage wallpaper at our house on Nantucket that is currently being remodeled. They are highly textured and very fragile but so beautiful we wanted to incorporate them as a decorative piece in our home.  Framing these little swatches will make a wonderful focus for any room and will also protect them from deteriorating completely.wp_clips First, find the right size frame, we went witih 18×24″ because the larger area will leave negative space around the wallpaper to create a dramatic focus.  These frames came unfinished and with a mat, both which can easily be altered.  With some paint or wood stain, you can change the entire mood of the final product. We’re leaving it this light pine color for now. framesThis frame came with a preset mat with a two inch border.  Since the wallpaper scraps are not intended to fit the entire frame, we found some uncut mat paper in clean white to use as a mount. We discarded the 2″ mat and opted to use an acid free glue to fasten the wallpaper to the sturdy full size mat. remove-back-of-frames Next, consider your layout. Creating a composition is the real fun part, we opted for a traditional centered placement, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Test out different layouts before applying the glue and see what looks good to you. Try to not use too much glue, otherwise you may end up with dark spots or other damage.  Here’s a shot of the glue we used for reference.  Choose an acid-free adhesive so it won’t damage the paper.  LineCo NeutralpH Adhesive worked really well for our needs. glue_matmounted_no_frame And here is the final product! They will be gorgeous additions to the house, and such an easy, inexpensive, project to complete.  If you don’t have any vintage wallpaper lying around, head to any home goods/paper supply store and ask if they’ll have any remnants or extra swatches, or just buy a small sample!  Fabric swatches could look awesome too and provide that great texture that some papers might not.  Try it out, and tweet us your results to @amyormond. finished

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