Introducing “Blackberry”

Introducing “Blackberry” … our (new?!) century-and-a-half old home in the Historic District of Nantucket!  We fell in love with this exceedingly tall yet perfectly hidden sleeper a year ago for lots of  reasons, not least because it sits quietly at the end of a long and narrow driveway that has its own address:  One Blackberry Lane.

Being the one and only house on your very own street is an especially endearing part of owning this home.  Though it’s only steps from town, you feel completely secluded in your own little sanctuary next to  Lily Pond and its acres of land preserved by the Nantucket Land Bank.

We were so grateful that the previous owners (who enjoyed Blackberry as a summer home for more than 25 years) left behind this amazing photo of the house from the late 1800′s.  We’re still researching what the story is with the party that’s going on here … but you can see towering Blackberry in the background amongst the open fields that existed at the time.  (Love the outfits!)

Among many quirky things about this very old home, Blackberry faces away from the main town road and it’s own driveway, an orientation that probably had to do with maximizing the morning sun’s warmth during bone-chilling Nantucket winters.

Though I love how older homes can subtly force you to live a bit differently than you would in a brand new made-to-order home, I must admit that the lack of a real “front” door is a bit of a pain.  Luckily, my great architect and dear friend, Matt MacEachern, of Emeritus Development has helped me solve this and other challenges with the creation of a restoration and renovation plan for Blackberry.

Stay tuned for more on the restoration that’s underway …

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  1. Mom says:

    I am so looking forward to upcoming pictures! I love the house and I know it will be “beautiful” when you are done….
    Good Luck!!
    Love you, Mom

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