Emperor’s Acrobats

Recently while I was working on new designs for Wooster & Prince, my friend and frequent collaborator, John McDonald, shared with me some of his own research on Jean-Baptiste Pillement, the French godfather of Rococo chinoiserie.  Pillement’s designs and etchings from the late 1700′s often featured fantastical drawings of what Europeans imagined “the Orient” to be like.  Dancing acrobats juggling umbrellas in jungle-like forests were not an uncommon notion of this exotic world … and it was these images that sparked my imagination as I began to sketch a new chinoiserie.

Taking inspiration from Pillement’s amazing work, I created “Emperor’s Acrobats” for the new 2012 Wooster & Prince line of Art Paper as well as for our new Desktop Notes, Notecard Portfolios, Purse Mirrors and Emery Boards which will all be available in stores in January 2012.

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