Arm Candy Cuffs

I love all the beautiful new products we’ve created for the 2012 Wooster & Prince line … but my favorite by far is our gorgeous new line of Cuff Bracelets that will debut at the shows this month!

Joli dubbed them “Arm Candy” at some point along the way and the name stuck as the perfect tagline to describe these eye-catching cuffs.  The colors are so vibrant and fun, in fact, we decided to photograph them amongst lots of sweets and treats we picked up from Dylan’s Candy Store in New York.  (My two little boys, Jack and Bear, could hardly wait for the photo shoot to end so they could make off with the props!)

Gold-plated with a luxe look and weight, these cuffs are the perfect arm candy to go with everything from your skinny jeans to your favorite cocktail dress.    They look stunning worn as a single … and are a show stopper worn in multiples!

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  1. Leigh says:

    I’m constantly inspired by your stuff!

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