A Palm Tree Tale

I love tropical plants like palms and ferns. But, sadly, I’ve never been terribly successful with them in my home. When I buy them, I tend to stick to smaller varieties of tropical houseplants … the ones that can be easily replaced when they inevitably turn brown and die.  It seems the commitment it takes to keep them humid and happy in a New York environment is just beyond my green thumb’s ability.
But as I was illustrating the palm trees for the artwork in my new Jour du Cirque pattern, I was reminded once more of how much I love the exotic look of fluttery fronds on a tall palm tree. They can transform a room into a tropical oasis … which is exactly what I need in January in snowy New York!

With artwork completed and products designed, I decided it was time to take on the challenge of a real, full-size palm tree, come what may!   And so my first stop was my favorite Sprainbrook Nursery in Scarsdale, NY to buy the biggest palm that would reasonably fit into a corner of my living room.

My plan was simple:  I would place it in exactly the right amount of indirect light. I would mist it daily. I would tend it to its watering needs religiously. And I would not move it under any circumstances.  But there was just one little factor I hadn’t considered:  my son’s new kitten, Butterscotch.

Within days of the palm trees arrival, I walked in to find Butterscotch perched on the highest branch he could scale.  I watched with horror as he rode the branch all the way to the floor, hearing it slowly crack under his weight. I screamed to shoo him out of the tree but he jumped to the next branch, intent on delivering full destruction to my beloved new palm tree.

The battle continues today and it isn’t clear yet who will survive in the house longest … the kitten or the palm tree.  I’m simply doing my best to keep them apart and alive ’til summer when they can both go outside.

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