NEW Bijoux Matchpads

The recent introduction of the Bijoux Matchpad program for Wooster & Prince brought with it a new design challenge for me:  creating 16 different styles of notepads that looked beautiful individually while also being gorgeous when seen as a collection.

Designing the collection was made even more challenging because we wanted to introduce them in time for Holiday 2010 so that our retailers could display them as stocking stuffers.  However, the color palette needed to be “just holiday enough” to merchandise well at that time of year without going too far and risking them not being appealing for the rest of the year.

Using a palette of rich corals, chartreuse, turquoise and creams, I pulled together patterns of various scales and themes that seemed to work well for anytime of the year.  Click here to read more about the color inspiration.

Whether given as a stocking stuffer or just to have handy in your purse, I think these little matchbook-style notepads fit the bill perfectly.

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