Bird’s Nests & Glass Cloches

Since moving into our farmhouse a few years ago, I’ve discovered lots of little surprises both inside and out.  But the one that most pleases my two little boys and I is the never-ending discovery of empty bird’s nests we find hidden and abandoned in the trees and bushes around our home.

We always discover one or two new nests each year in the tall privet that surrounds our garden.  And, sometimes, if we are really careful and really lucky, the empty eggs from the babies that were born there will be left behind as well.

Just last week, I discovered this one tucked into a hanging fern basket on my front porch.  Now, this little birdie had nice style!  Long and cylindrical, this nest has beautiful touches of green moss incorporated into the design.

We protect and display our growing collection of bird’s nests inside glass cloches that I place throughout the house for the boys and their friends to enjoy.   (We sometimes include other discoveries too … like wasp nests, feathers, dead moths and beetles … but that’s another story.)

To me, they’re beautiful pieces of art … and a nice little reminder of one of the reasons we moved here from the city.

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