Plums & Purple

Inspiration for new artwork often originates with a simple color.  Last summer, I was struck by a beautiful plummy purple sky I saw at sunset while in Wauwinet, a gorgeous north- and west-facing beach on Nantucket.  Looking out over Nantucket Bay, Wauwinet virtually guarantees incredible color combinations at sunset.

This color discovery lead to a new collection of designs which I called “Wauwinet” and that we used to create a series of napkins for Paperproducts Design. Striving to hit the color that would capture that sunset color, I looked to the color of plums and red grapes as a reference.

I paired up this lovely hue with a soft cream to signal the color of the sand that surrounds Wauwinet.  If you’ve never been there, you are in for a treat.  Next time you are on Nantucket, make sure you’re seated on the lawn at dusk at The Wauwinet House to see what I saw.

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