Peace Garden Gift Of Lettuce

Is there anything more satisfying than growing a plant from a seed?  I’m hard pressed to think of much that has filled me with more pride than seeing the first sprouts emerge from the lettuces I planted 6 weeks ago.

Following the advice of a gardener friend, I was careful to plant one row in April then wait a few weeks before planting the next.  This way, the theory goes, as the first row begins to die out, the second will emerge and keep us in lettuce the whole summer.

But the result thus far is that I’m covered up in lettuce!  Bibb, endive, arugula, Boston, mesclun … all growing relentlessly at the same time!

As the granddaughter of a farmer, it is ingrained in me that one must never let the produce from your garden go to waste.  If you can’t eat it, cook it, freeze it or can it … then for Pete’s sake give it away before it goes bad.  And so, for the past 2 weeks I’ve been giving bags and bags of lettuces to my neighbors.  This simple little gift seems to bring a smile to a lot of faces.

Being consummate marketers, we decided to design a signature label for the packages complete with a “logo” for the Peace Garden — the nickname I gave for my little plot of land that brings me so much peace.

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