Monograms & Mint Juleps

There are many, many things about being a Southerner that stay with you, even after having lived in New York for 18+ years. One of them is the inexplicable need to monogram your favorite things and another is enjoying the simple pleasure of a cold sugary drink on a hot summer day.

I recently combined the two as an anniversary gift to my husband.  Since we were married on Kentucky Derby day, I thought it would be perfect to give him a set of monogrammed Mint Julep cups — half with my initials and half with his —  a running joke we have since I chose not to change my surname when we married.

Silver Mint Julep cups keep this summer concoction with crushed ice nice and cool … while the dewey condensation that forms on the outside of the cups keeps YOU nice and cool as well.  To keep dry, we paired up these drinks with Wooster & Prince cocktail napkins that I designed for Paperproducts Design.

Traditional silver cups for Mint Juleps are beautiful with or without the delicious drink inside. I often use them for cut flowers or to keep herbs fresh in water in my kitchen to enjoy the crisp shine of the silver.

This summer, I have mint growing so abundantly that I’m constantly looking for ways to use it.  A sprig in Sweet Tea is terrific, a few crushed leaves in lemonade is really tasty … but a good Mint Julep with freshly muddled mint is hard to beat.  Click here to see our downloadable Mint Julep Recipe Card.

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