Emily Dickinson’s Gardens & Poetry

I recently visited the new Emily Dickinson’s Garden exhibit at the New York Botanical Gardens and was completely captivated by how she wove her love of gardening into her poetry.

Each of these talents — gardening and writing — clearly inspired the other and the New York Botanical Garden did a beautiful job of making that brilliant connection.

Scattered throughout the recreations of her gardens, small placards with her poems have been placed which reference a particular flower or planting.

The incredible flowering gardens were enough to draw me in but I absolutely loved the little signs mixed in that gave historical reference to particular flowers.  Morning Glory, for instance, was a name often given to busybodies during Emily Dickinson’s era which I find hilarious and entirely appropriate!

Hollyhocks planted in a garden were a sign of ambition.  Most of my hollyhocks have decided not to flower this year, thwarting my ambitions for them!

If you haven’t seen the Emily Dickinson’s Garden exhibit, it’s well worth the trip.  But it only runs through June 13, so plan your trip soon.

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