Antique Garden Furniture Show

While visiting the New York Botanical Garden to see the “Emily Dickinson’s Garden  - The Poetry of Flowers” exhibition my friend and I also stopped in to see the Antique Garden Furniture Show and Sale that was being held there simultaneously.

Though I was drawn in with just the promise of antique fountains, birdbaths, statues, and urns,  I was thrilled to see all manner of antiquities brought by fabulous dealers from all over America.

As an avid gardener and home remodeler, this was an absolute treat … and it was tough to emerge from there without a trunk full of beautiful things.

It was a shame that the antiques show only lasted a few days.  I felt I needed more than one trip there to see all the vendors had to offer.

Many of the architectural artifacts were so enormous in scale, I really needed the time to go back home and carefully measure whether they could realistically fit.  I’ll be better prepared next year to see this show over two days time … and this time I’ll bring a tape measure.

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